Date: 2007-06-30 16:13:00
ski season?

One year ago, Amy and I were skiing at Mt. Hutt for the first time. According to the snow graph, there was at least 175 cm of snow on the mountain at that time. Last year was fantastic with heaps of snow, but this year is getting off to a significantly slower start.

Mt. Hutt has been open for a few days so far this season, but never with more than about 25 cm of snow, and they're running the snowmakers whenever they can (but it has to be cold enough for them to work). Over the last few days, warm wet winds from the northwest have dumped rain on us (in Christchurch) and on the mountain, washing away the little snow that they have. As you can see from the webcam shot, the conditions look awful.

I hope the conditions get better so we can get some skiing in this season, even if it's only for a day or two. Of course, skiing in wet sloppy muck would be no fun, so we'll have to time it right!

Greg Hewgill <>