Date: 2007-07-28 13:50:00
posthumous renaming
I support the renaming of Town Lake to Lady Bird Lake. However, I was left wondering why this sort of thing usually only happens after the person they're honoring has passed. Wouldn't it have been pleasing to have renamed the lake last month instead?
In this case, I had read that it was proposed to her a couple years back and her reply was, "Not while I'm still around."

In the general sense, I don't really know. Over the years I've heard it said that it's bad luck or other such craziness. Perhaps it's for safety's sake, in the case the person turns into / turns out to be a horrible paedophile or something. :)
Ah, I didn't know that. Seems fair enough in this case.

Thinking about it some more, if somebody wanted to name something after me I'm not entirely sure whether I'd want them to do it while I was still around.
I heard she didn't want it named after her.

I guess it's hard to name something in memory of somebody if they're not dead. If they're alive they have time to do horrible things to make us forget the nice things. If they're dead and you still think they're wonderful, name something after them so everyone can remember them.
Besides the other comments, with which I agree, I think there's also an element of comforting the living (i.e. such things are not just to honor the dead person): these sort of rituals may eassure people that their own deaths might not be meaningless and they might not be totally forgotten.
I think there's also some tradition in that if you rename something after someone who's still alive, there's the possibility of politics being involved.
Nope, that's not the case - Emma Long is still alive!

For decades, Lady Bird had NOT wanted it named after her, but she finally agreed on a few conditions.

First, it would be after she was gone. Secondly, she chose the name Lady Bird Lake. Mayor Wynn had mentioned the toughest part had been what name to actually choose, but that Lady Bird had made it easy by selecting it herself,

I'm interested to see how this affects the more than 20 redevelopment projects currently planned for the Town Lake area. A five-story residential complex is to be completed next year on East Riverside Drive, and plans for an 18-story residential tower just down the road may be built as close as 80 feet from the shoreline if developers get their way.

P.S. It took ten years for her to agree to the naming of the Wildflower Center.
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