Date: 2007-09-30 09:52:00
daylight saving time redux
Back in May, the New Zealand government changed the official start and end dates of Daylight Saving Time (I wrote about this back then). Today is the first day of the new improved official NZDT and sure enough, everything that is supposed to automatically change to DST, hasn't.

If you live in New Zealand and use Mac OS X, Apple hasn't provided a software fix to change the dates. I've installed Glenn Anderson's New Zealand 2007 daylight savings update for Mac OS X and it appears to work fine.

If you live in New Zealand and use FreeBSD, I found a patch that fixes zoneinfo. That patch also appears to work fine.
Clearly, Apple doesn't care about upside down people.
I can send a note to engineering and see if I can find out an ETA, if you'd like.
Yes, that would be great. Better late than never, I suppose! :)
Upgrade your PostgreSQL too (unless you're running a really old version that still gets the timezone data from the OS.
Actually my PostgreSQL runs on my colo server, where I've got everything set to UTC for maximum sanity.
Greg Hewgill <>