Date: 2007-11-08 19:05:00
ljdump and comment editing
Today LJ announced that users can now edit comments. I wonder whether this affects ljdump in any way, since I'm sure I made assumptions that the contents of comments would not change. Or, if it's implemented by deleting the original comment and adding a new one, then ljdump would continue to work properly. This bears investigation.

Update: It looks like they broke it. After editing a comment and running ljdump again, the edited comment is not retrieved. Even after adding a new comment to the entry, the previously edited comment is still not retrieved. Getting the comments out of LJ through the published APIs was enough trouble in the first place, we'll see whether this is even fixable.
this is my comment, unedited.
and i don't see the button to edit it. hrm.
Ah, paid users only.

And this is the edited version.
Another comment for testing. Edited nearly an hour later.
Hahahahah... "paid users only". So sad.

Let's take something that's arguably not broken, then fix it for the vocal dissenters and try to make money off of it!

(oh, and break APIs too...)
Yeah, it's way broken now. export_comments.bml provides no evidence that a comment was edited, not even the comment date is updated. And of course, the ability to cache just goes straight out the window. I posted about this in [info]lj_dev (here), we'll see what happens.

"Edit comment" ought to be a shortcut for "delete and repost". Then this api-breaking nonsense wouldn't happen.
Greg Hewgill <>