Date: 2007-11-19 22:31:00
ten years
$ whois
    Creation Date: 19-nov-1997

I've actually had a web site about a year longer than this, when I had some /~gregh subdirectory off my ISP's "userzweb" server (yes, they actually spelled it like that). And you can even still find links to that old site out there. Anyway, ten years for is a significant milestone.

Yay, happy birthday :)
I win! :P

Domain ID:D1160803-LROR
Domain Name:HINTZ.ORG
Created On:25-Apr-1997 04:00:00 UTC

Same story here though, I had for about 3 years before that. Actually bought the domain when UT cut me off with about a weeks notice (!!). Gutted though, was available about 9 mos before and I couldn't afford it. Wish I'd squeezed it out, could lived on Ramen for a few weeks. :)

In fact, the original page lives on. Kickin' it old school, 1994 style...
I didn't mean to start a DSW, but [info]nugget has (or had) us beat with (26-apr-1995), except that I guess his clock stopped since he sold it last year.
Ahh, but then if the offer is good enough, then no foul. Though I don't see either of ours being in that category.
Took me forever to get mine:

Creation Date: 02-Apr-1999

I was on geocities and random stuff before that.
(anonymous) : Tehachapi Loop
Hi Greg!

my 13yo daughter and i were looking for pix of the Loop, as our family will be camping nearby this coming weekend, and came across yours.

we enjoyed your photos, and also those of your honeymoon(?). we've always heard New Zealand is beautiful. congratulations and best wishes to you and your bride! :D

Robin and Emma in California
Greg Hewgill <>