Date: 2007-11-25 18:21:00
new toys
Amy and I just bought our Christmas presents early! We got a pair of Avanti Carbonio 1.0 road bikes, which are similar to the current Cadent series but ours are last year's model (they were on sale for a fantastic price). We also got a heap of gear to go with them, including upgraded tyres that have three layers of kevlar to ward off random shards of glass, a little wireless trip computer, a new helmet for me because my previous one was cheap and didn't fit well, a pump that can handle the higher pressures in the tyres, etc.

I've been riding my old heavy clunker used mountain bike to work for over a year now, and am up to a good solid five days a week, rain or shine (I think it's rained on me only about four times in the last few months). Riding the new bike is an absolute world of difference! It's so much lighter and smoother that it's almost a completely different experience. As long as I continue to ride my bike daily for the next decade or so, I'll get good value out of this purchase. :)

It was pretty hot today—the temperature hit 30 C before a cold front rolled in this evening—so I didn't do more than ride the bike home. I'm looking forward to taking it to work tomorrow and giving it a good shakedown.
How do you like the Tiagra hardware? Seems like an odd choice for a CFRP frame. And how do you like the stiffness of the frame?
Ours actually have Shimano 105 hardware instead of the Tiagra on the Cadent model. The frame seems great, but I don't have a lot to compare it to except for my old bike, which was creaky and heavy.
I assume you know about the standard maintainance to keep the bike feeling like a new bike? Lubing the chain often, replacing the chain and freewheel once a year (or so, depending on your use). (And lubing the other various parts of the bike -- cables, etc -- for preventative maintainance.)

I'm sure you do. But I'm surprised at how many smart people don't know to lube their chain, and then they ride a new bike (with a nice new chain) and they say "Oh, this rides so much better!"; well, duh.

Of course, going from a clunky mountain bike to a light roadbike also helps :)
Thanks for the reminder; we'd be silly not to take a basic bike maintenance course to get the basics in order. The chain is one of the most obvious things and I did have some chain cleaner/lube already for my old bike, but there are so many more shiny parts on this one to keep shiny!
(anonymous) : Your new bikes
Hey there, I know this will sound kind of weird... I think I saw you test driving the bikes. Down by South of Lichfield in Chch? Noticed as I'm looking at one myself and though it was funny to see two. I'm actually from up North but was down there for the weekend. Hows the bike and what did it cost you???
[info]ghewgill : Re: Your new bikes
Wow, that is weird! It may indeed have been us, we were messing around in the lane behind John Bull. The bike is great so far, and Amy got second place in a race she entered on Sunday! John Bull had them on sale for about $1900 since they still had a lot of stock of last year's model.
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