Date: 2007-12-03 22:20:00
movember result

As promised, I grew a mo for the month of Movember, took a picture, and that's the result to the right. Pretty weak really, which is why I don't try to grow that sort of thing on a permanent basis.

Did you trim it up or is that all it grew in a month?
That's it, no trimming involved (except for shaving the non-upper-lip bits).
Wow, Chuck gets that kind of growth on a long weekend.

It is cute though, but why don't we get a full face shot?
Because I had awful redeye in the full pic! I look possessed.
you have a mac, use the iphoto red-eye remover!

we want face!!
hey, that looks like about what I grow in a month. though, I take the opposite approach and leave it like that. it gives people something to talk about behind my back.
I didn't like the annoying itchiness. :)
And here I was expecting a picture like these when you said it was Movember.

I took a picture of my ~4 week beard. I've trimmed it once already, and I cleaned my neck up on Friday or so.
so cute!
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