Date: 2008-02-11 07:19:00
languages 2008
Remember those free language classes I mentioned at the local community college? Last year, they had only nominal tuition (free or $10.80 depending on the day of the week) and ran for 16 weeks for a total of 32 hours of instruction.

This year, the same beginner classes run for 8 weeks, for a total of either 16 or 32 hours of instruction, and cost $78.20 or $156.40. I guess the free tuition was too good to last.

Nevertheless, I think I'll sign up for one. Maybe Russian? Or perhaps Chinese?
Unfortunately, that's not one of the choices. :)
Mandarin Chinese! Unfortunately all I learn is conversational and I have no idea how to spell most of what I know in Pinyin. :(

Let's see how bad I can ruin the traditional Chinese New Year saying:

Gong xi fa tsi; sing nien qui lo.

With the courses now only 8 weeks, I can easily do more than one in a reasonably short time. (I think it would be crazy to try to do more than one at once, or at least unnecessarily confusing.)

I may end up doing both, or more. :)
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