Date: 2003-12-27 20:34:00
Tags: books
half price books
Somebody needs to keep me away from Half Price Books. I stopped by there today just to see whether they had anything of interest ... and ended up buying some books on everything from Astronomy to Zen. Well, actually just two on astronomy and one on Zen, but in any case I can't ever seem to make it out of there without buying something. And I didn't notice until the cashier rung up my total that they have 20% off everything in the store until monday. I may go back. Wait, who am I kidding, of course I'll go back. Gotta see what the other locations have!
Mmmm, Half Price Books...
Pri zeno, mi rimarkis ke [info]sonjaaa komencis traduki tekston de Alan Watts pri meditado:

Mi ĵus legis la artikolon kaj ĝuis ĝin.
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