Date: 2008-03-03 13:03:00
macbook update
The tech at the Apple repair place finally observed my computer suddenly shutting down when on battery, after a couple of days of it not doing so. So, they've ordered a new battery for me which should be in this week. Hopefully, that will fix the problem.

I also would like to buy AppleCare for my MacBook, because laptops are finicky and my first year is almost up. It costs NZ$479 from the Apple NZ store, or US$249 from the Apple US store. Now, US$249 is about NZ$320 at the current rate of exchange. A 50% markup is insane, especially for something that doesn't actually involve shipping any physical items. Can I buy AppleCare and pay for it in USD? Going through the Apple US store seems to get the web site all confused about address and phone number details for my credit card billing address (it wants US-formatted details).

This seems silly. I don't mind paying for hardware insurance, just not at insanely inflated rates.
I'm not sure but I believe that US AppleCare is not the same product as NZ AppleCare and that if you buy the US kit you'll have difficulty activating it and/or using it from NZ.

When I bought my MacBook Pro in London I was told that it was important that I wait to buy AppleCare until I was back home, and to buy the US kit instead of just buying it there in the Apple Store in the UK. Not sure if that was accurate advice or not, but that's how it was explained to me.

It's probably worth checking out before you buy anything.
You need to read the fine print. Applecare is different than the original warranty.

I can't remember exactly, it's been a few years since I dealt with it. I'm pretty sure the original warranty is worldwide, but that applecare is not. So if you put US applecare on your machine, you'd have to pay to ship it to the US anytime it needed a repair.
I think AppleCare for Macs is a worldwide warranty (it is not for iPhone!), so you may be fine buying the US "version."
Definitive (if a tad late) reply: Apple warranties on portable equipment are worldwide. AppleCare is simply an extension of the original warranty. Ergo, buy at will from the US. I've personally had service done on a 17" PB and a 14" iBook, both of which were purchased in the US, and AC on both was also purchased through the US. You may have to have someone in the US facilitate the purchase; many merchants refuse to deal with non-US custys. Also, you can probably undersell AppleStore US, try AppleCare is AppleCare, doesn't matter where you buy it.

FYI, the reason for the insane markup is all the middlemen. In NZ, the product gets tagged by Apple US, Apple AU, and finally Apple NZ (Renaissance). Coupled with the relative lack of competition in NZ it's a nasty combo. Fortunately there's plenty of opportunity to source from the US direct, so other than the pain of shipping it's a good way to go.
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