Date: 2003-08-18 08:24:00
Tags: flying
yay flying!
Yesterday was an excellent day for flying. I got two flights of nearly one hour each back to back. We practiced a lot of the basics like thermaling, turns, and airspeed changes. I did most of the first landing and all of the second by myself. :) I do have to work on the tow though. It's stressful and takes a lot of concentration to stay in the right place behind the tow plane.

I now have 3.7 hours in five flights. Flying is a great way to spend a hot summer weekend, because it's nice and cool at 6000 feet under the clouds!
Very cool picture!
Another new person in the gliding community. Two in one week! "gliding" really needs more content besides me blathering on. :)
Ahhh the tow, we don't fly much in high tow down here, we usually fly below the tug slip stream.
Interesting, my instructor mentioned that some (unspecified) other countries required flying in low tow. Why is that? I don't imagine that you release low, too.
We release from the low tow position in Australia too.
Low tow seems to be more stable than high tow, there is less chance of causing a tug upset flying in low tow and some people consider it is more efficient from an aerodynamic perspective than high tow. The downside is you get a face full of rope if there is a break and you can't keep such a good eye on your emergency landing options during climb out.

We practice flying in high tow because it is used as part of the emergency non-release procedure, if your release fails and the tug has to let you go from their end you fly up into high tow first.
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