Date: 2008-06-04 22:38:00
goosh extension

I saw goosh the other day, which is a prototype pseudo-commandline interface to the web. It seemed to be missing a dictionary lookup function, but did appear to have an extension load function.

So I had a look at the goosh source javascript, which had a comment that pointed to a plugin example, which is a snippet of unformatted code with no docs. With a bit of poking around and experimentation, I managed to create a plugin that looks up words on wiktionary.

To try this out, go to goosh and type:> load

Then, use the dict command (or wiktionary or d as listed in the help) to open the wiktionary page for the given word in a new window.

Perhaps there will be a way to load a goosh extension in a persistent way so you don't have to reload it every time you reload goosh itself.

I would have just asked why "web define:word" doesn't work.

Good question.
Greg Hewgill <>