Date: 2008-06-10 20:43:00
My bike collided with a car on my way home from work today. Unfortunately, I was also present for the first split second and got thrown off, only to later land on the road with a good thump.

Thankfully, I'm okay save for a few scrapes (calf, knee) and bruises (hip, thumb, wrist). My helmet protected my head from a severe blow as the planet reconnected with me. If you're a cyclist, wear a helmet! I used to know in principle that it was a good idea to wear a helmet. Now I know for a fact that it will save your head from a nasty lump, or worse.

As expected, the driver of the other car never even saw me. It was about half an hour after sunset, and I was wearing my reflective vest and had flashing lights turned on, but it just wasn't enough. I always try to ride as if every other driver on the road is actively trying to kill me, which has worked well in the self-preservation department (I have avoided potential collisions before). It doesn't work 100% of the time, though.

The driver of the other car was kind enough to give me and my bike a ride home, and to make sure that we had filled out the accident report and exchanged information.

The carbon fibre frame of my bike is shredded in a couple of places, which undoubtedly implies replacement. We'll see how it all turns out. For the near future, I'll be commuting to work by bus.
yikes! super glad you are ok! yay helmet & safety gear!

there is a company that repairs carbon fiber frames--might be worth giving them a call, although, who knows what the turnaround is like for shipping to them.

i don't have their name handy, but i saw an ad in the velonews magazine, this month's issue.
I'm afraid the shipping would be exorbitant, but I'll keep that in mind. Thanks :)
Domaĝe! Sed mi feliĉas ke vi travivis sen grava vundo. Bonŝancon, kaj espereble via unua akcidento estos ankaŭ via lasta...
Dankon. Mi antaŭdiras ke tio ne estas mia lasta akcidento, ĉar mi daŭros veturi per biciklo. Sed, mi forte penos ne trafi aĵojn. :)
Yipe. I'm glad you're mostly-ok, and I'm glad the driver stopped to help. I hope you don't develop too many after-the-fact aches. How cool was it at the time? It seems it's easier to end up sore after a fall when it's cooler out.
It was TOTALLY cool! I was airborne for what seemed like a long time, but was actually only a fraction of a second.

Oh, wait, temperature. It was about 6C (43F). So, not particularly warm.
Haha, yeah. Running into a car with the sport bike was totally cool until I saw the dent in the car. Then I saw the blood dripping off my lip onto my arm... At least it was warm here then. :-P
I'm shocked the other driver stopped - of course, maybe they raise people better in NZ. :P

Glad you're okay!
Honestly, I would have been shocked if the driver hadn't stopped. Since he didn't see me coming, from his point of view there suddenly appeared a body in front of him on the other side of his windshield. Somebody would have to be shockingly irresponsible not to stop and help in that situation. I guess it's possible, though.
Wow sorry to hear about the accident and I'm glad you are OK!

Maybe the rising gas prices will get people to make more bike/motorcycle/Smart-car-like lanes away from normal cars.
Most (something like 80%) of my commute has dedicated bike lanes, which is good. However, intersections (and especially roundabouts) are the places where you have to be extra careful.

The price of fuel went up another 6c yesterday, to $2.069.
Sorry to hear about your accident. Must be the year for that sort of thing as Rems and I nearly got hit by a car a couple of months ago. Totally visible and everything but ya know, you can only do so much. Pleased to hear you're all right.
I've cycled to the station regularly for a couple of years now and I've managed to come off twice without any help from cars. I agree that assuming they're out to kill you is a good approach. The only thing that really scares me is falling in front of oncoming traffic...

Glad you're not too badly hurt.
Oi. Glad to hear you're ok anyway.

I really don't like NZ roads for bikes. Just too narrow, not enough room for error.
Thankfully, the roads in Christchurch are wider than those I saw in the Wellington area. Also, there are dedicated cycle lanes for about 80% of my commute, which really helps.
(anonymous) : From another bike commuter
Hi Greg,
I have just noticed your message on my blog regarding your bike accident. I am so happy that you came out of it quite well. The rising petrol prices should improve the odds of our lot... Fewer cars, more bikes. I wonder if the City Council will seriously consider a rent-a-bike system like the one operating in Paris ( or the one operating in your home country in the city of Montréal ( I know that at least one city councillor pushed the idea at some stage but I have not heard much about it recently.
Yeah, I had a similar experience last month. If I weren't wearing a helmet, my head probably would have looked like the helmet did.
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