Date: 2008-07-23 21:52:00
I finally got around to putting something interactive on It takes whatever text you enter and tries to turn it upside down. It works best with lower case text.

I used the Unicode IPA character set which contains nearly all the upside-down characters I needed. You may find that your browser may or may not render any or all of the IPA characters, so I've provided an ASCII rendering option for backwards compatibility.

¡unɟ əʌɐH
So, it's basically like ?

You may want to flip !? as well, and swap [](){}, and replace full stop by mid-dot.
Ha, of course I wasn't the first one to do this. I never realised it was your idea, though!

I added some more characters as you suggested, thanks.
It wasn't my original idea, though I don't remember where I got it from. (My guess would be [info]timwi .)

Also, I should perhaps note that I didn't suggest the idea to anyone else (and is not mine); I just woke up one morning to lots of comment notifications from people finding (and with it, the link to my journal entry) through Boingboing.

I've no idea how that person found my journal entry; they certainly never mentioned to me that they were making an "app" based on it.
What I do like better about your version if that you use LATIN SMALL LETTER B WITH HOOK for upside-down 'g', rather than LATIN SMALL LETTER B WITH TOPBAR.
The ASCII rendering for W is W when it surely should be M.

It looked fine until I actually flipped my monitor. Bizarrely, I discovered that I knew the short cut key to rotate my screen!
I fixed that and a couple of other halfhearted renderings of uppercase characters.
Greg Hewgill <>