Date: 2008-08-23 22:27:00
on collaborative text editing with ikiwiki

I think I finally found a wiki engine I like: ikiwiki. It just seems to do everything right:

I set up ikiwiki on my server as follows:

The whole arrangement works so smoothly it's a wonder that people still use old-style wikis. Highly recommended.

Cool, I'll have to remember to check this out when I'm not in the middle of moving. :)

I wrote my own wiki a while back, but when I got to the bit where I should've implemented versioning, I gave up. It was DB based and I didn't see any option other than writing my own and that did not sound fun. :p
Thanks for linking to this last week. I checked it out then and really dig it. I'd known about gitwiki for a while, but even though I liked the idea of using git for the versioning I didn't much like having to run a separate server for it. Now, though, I've created an empty website branch in one of my project's repositories and have iki generate the homepage from that. So far it's been working out rather well. Just wish I spoke perl well enough to fix a few of the bits I don't much like about it.
Thanks for the suggestion. I'd been looking for something similar and this looks like the closest thing I've seen to what I want. It has some disappointing holes, like the backlink tracking not working through redirection and file inclusion, but I may be able to paper over those with a custom plugin.
Greg Hewgill <>