Date: 2008-09-03 21:31:00
ob. chrome post
So, Google Chrome was released less than 24 hours ago and I can't get away from it! It's everywhere on the interwebs.

I tried Chrome in an XP install running inside Parallels and it looks very cool. Sexy, even. I'm looking forward to the OS X version.
I think the OSX version is called Safari. ;)

I'm looking forward to the Linux version!
I may have to peek at this. I guess I'm just kind of in the "its just another web browser" mode and haven't looked to see if there are any compelling features.
yeah, i downloaded it yesterday immediately so I could check my web page formatting in it. ;)

Haven't had a chance to play in it on my homebox yet.
If it doesn't run Adblock, I'm not interested.
It's open source of course, so it's only a matter of time. And I suspect a very small amount of time.
It has an evil ewwla.
The eula only applies to binary distributions.
An OSX version will be nice. But you bring up an interesting possibility -- I have an XP installation in VMWare, so I could download and try it there.

I read the comic book and the two features which interested me are (1) the use of separate processes for each tab/window, so that if one tab becomes unresponsive (or just slow) it doesn't stop you from browsing in other tabs -- which means no more swirling color wheels like I often see in Safari -- oh and it means that when you close a tab you are guaranteed to get all that memory back, and (2) the new javascript engine which is alleged to be faster and take less memory -- which presumably is one of the big deals for Google, because it should improve the operation of their web apps, like GMail (or their online office suite, though I don't use that).

Greg Hewgill <>