Date: 2008-09-26 14:39:00
at home sick from work
Blah. I've been home sick from work for four out of five days this week. I went to work yesterday, but wasn't feeling 100% and was quite tired by the time I got home. So I decided to go visit the doctor today. She said there was a bit of some viral thing going around right now, and sufficient food and rest is what I need.

While I was out today, I did complete and send off my Canadian passport renewal application to the Canadian High Commission in Wellington. So I should be all set for having to go to Melbourne for work sometime in November.

I also got my doctor to sign a medical declaration required for flying gliders solo here in New Zealand. I haven't done much flying since I got here, and even less over the last year or so, but this declaration is a required step if I want to be able to fly solo.

So, productive day despite feeling crappy. I hope I get better tomorrow so I can enjoy the weekend.
Could it be... Spring Fever?? :)
Melbourne isn't in Canada, Magellan.
That would be precisely why I need a valid passport!
Greg Hewgill <>