Date: 2003-08-31 23:22:00
Tags: livejournal, sundry
finally, a picture
I finally thought of a good picture for lj. This one is from [info]bovineone 's hair dye fun gallery.

Flying has been going very well. I should have a couple more simulated emergencies (such as a rope break on tow), then I will be ready to solo. I would have liked to fly today, but tropical depression Grace came through and messed up the weather.

A bunch of us went to [info]dopplertx 's place this afternoon and helped brew a batch of beer. I think this one will be a northwest style pale ale. Brewing seems like a fairly inexact process, nothing like say doing titrations in chemistry lab. Basically you boil some water, add various ingredients at the right times over the course of an hour or so, cool it down a bit, strain it, add yeast, put it in a big jug in the dark, and wait two weeks. Chemistry is fun.
sigh, i am teh lame. All this time i thought it was dopple-rtx, as in a clone of a register transfer expression, rather than doppler-tx which makes more sense.
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