Date: 2009-09-25 07:14:00
travel photo slideshows

Amy has been doing some great work collecting our best travel photos into video slideshows. Here are the two she's done so far plus some related videos:

Islands of the World Tour 2009
Our 6-week trip to Canada, Texas, Frankfurt, Ireland, Iceland, London, and Tokyo earlier this year.
Tossing snow into an ice vent in Iceland
This very short video shows how snow melts immediately with a "poof" when you toss it onto a steam vent.
Otago Rail Trail December 2008
Last Christmas we cycled the Otago Rail Trail, roughly 150 km over what was previously a railway line.
Daniel Tammet - The Boy With The Incredible Brain
Finally, in related nows: This TV clip shows a guy who learned Icelandic in a week, from scratch, and then appeared on national TV.
the Daniel Tammet clip was really cool. Now I want to watch more of it. In one week I managed to learn "Thank you", but imagine being able to just read the medicine labels like it was nothing. I was sick while we were there and had to get someone to translate the labels.
Greg Hewgill <>