Date: 2009-10-11 12:40:00

Well, not yet cherries. About a month ago, we bought a dwarf cherry tree for our front yard. It was essentially just a stick with roots at the time, not looking much like a tree at all. But we planted it and fed it, and it seems to be quite happy. Just in the last week or two, it has sprouted a full complement of leaves and is looking resplendent in its foliage!

Apparently these trees start producing fruit after about three years.

We bought something similar a while ago... interestingly enough, the variety is named "Stella", like my wife.
That's what we (gregh and I) got! Dwarf Stella. Since it's self-fertile and a sweet cherry. I wanted to get it started now because it takes a few years to get producing. The little green buds are very exciting to see.
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Hey - you missed a neat wedding saturday. Wish you were there with Me, Scott and Dan. I'm officially un-single at the ripe old age of 42. Let me know how the cherries come out, I love those things and the red pigment is a great antioxidant.
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Congratulations! Got pictures?
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Thanks! Alyssa is sending you a link to snapfish. We stayed at the Palazzo in Vegas, had a blast. It would be fun to all meet up there sometime. Here's a link to the ceremony: thats up there for a couple more weeks.

I'll warn you, the guy taking the pictures of the wedding was either high or a total greenhorn. I got what I wanted out of it though, a wife and a gold band. :-)

Seems like I sent a friend request on facebook some time back to what I thought was you, are you on there? Scott isn't which means neither is Dan, but a bunch of us mustangians are. Paul Davis, Cozzi, Sam, Jim, Rick, Lynn, Wendy, Chris. Did you know that?
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Wow, wish I could have been there! Looks like fun. I'm on Facebook but I don't check it very often (though email sent to me through there gets routed to my real inbox). I'll check. ... There, I found you. :)
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