Date: 2010-01-25 07:34:00
the state of the livejournal

My LiveJournal "friends" page looks pretty sad today. It's got 25 entries covering four days (back in the heyday of LJ, my friends list would typically roll over 25 entries in a day). There's one of my own entries, but as for the rest of them:

LiveJournal = dead.

i wish there was another blogging community that wasn't facebook that everyone had gone to. it'd be a lot easier to leave if there was somewhere nonobjectionable and full of all my friends that i could leave TO.
A fair number of people from Livejournal have gone to Dreamwidth. However, very few of my friends have. I think Livejournal is simply ending, not being replaced.
I've noticed the same thing. And I'm guilty of not posting, myself. Facebook and Twitter are definitely at least partially to blame. I feel more "in contact" with people, even though all I'm sending/reading from them are little text blurbs and photos, not full-fledged posts.

Another reason I don't post often is that I decided to make LJ friends-only for reasons I don't quite remember at the moment. So I feel like there's a bit less of an audience if I post anything here. But then, I haven't started posting LJ-like content anywhere else, really. My other blogs are mostly dead too. *shrug*
I plan to post a lot of new stuff! I have enough new things that have happened, that I should be able to post for weeks :)

I suspect that Facebook is responsible for taking most of my blogging time. Also, probably Google Reader -- where people can share links without making a blog post about it. Google Reader also allows posting original notes, so in theory that could be used instead of LJ, somewhat.

Anyway, I'm going to try to do a better job of updating.
I've noticed this too! I thought it was just my friends... but my friends are your friends, so yeah... I guess we're all slackers!? One post, coming up!
I post about as much as I always have - almost never (well, except for my "come autocross" posts).

The communities, which have always been a big part of LiveJournal for me, still seem to be going strong. In fact, I've taken some off my standard friends page, as there are just too many posts from them for me to follow regularly (and I'm not as attached to the subject material as I once was).
Eh, it doesn't seem dead to me. Less active, yes.
I syndicate my posts to (through?) LJ, and am trying to be better about posting. (Though, it doesn't much look like it today...last week was just really rough!)
Your posts about hacking are one of the few things that I read that show up on my friends page lately.
The future is decentralized.
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