Date: 2010-12-19 14:47:00
rss2mobi: google reader to mobipocket creator

I've been using my Kindle to read RSS feeds through Google Reader. Using the Kindle's built-in web browser, Google Reader works surprisingly well (as long as you enable keyboard shortcut commands). However, there are some annoyances:

In order to address these issues, I've created a program that creates proper e-books in Mobipocket format using kindlegen. I had to solve several problems to make this work:

Currently this rss2mobi program downloads all the new entries from Google Reader and packs them up into a file that I can manually copy to my Kindle. Next to do is:

Once all this is in place, I can set up a daily task that gets the new content from Google Reader, and transfers it to my Kindle without any manual interaction.

You can find the code for rss2mobi on Github.

Quite interesting, I've started a similar project and obviously faced exactly the same challenges as the ones you described.

Project is availble on SourceForge:

I'm already using Kindle wireless delivery. Next step will be, as you described, to mark items as read to avoid repeating them, send the news on a schedule base, and also download content of associated webpages (so that you don't gest frustatred when reading a RSS summary that requires you to have access to the web to read all the article).

The application is still in its early stage, so any feedback about bugs or improvements suggestions will be greatly appreciated :)

Cool! The current version of rss2mobi marks downloaded entries as read (with an option not to). I have a small script that runs rss2mobi, then automatically emails the result to my email address for wifi delivery. It works really well and basically I just have to hit a button a few minutes before I walk out the door to get the latest news.

That's a good idea to retrieve linked web pages too. Most of the feeds I read have complete articles though.
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