Date: 2003-09-20 09:33:00
Tags: travel, usa
Surfing in california
I flew out to California earlier this week to visit my brother who has been essentially slacking on the beach in Los Angeles for the last couple of months. On Friday we went surfing, my brother has done lots of surfing but this was my first time. It was fun!

I think it's time to go catch a plane back to Austin. Cheap flights means crappy travel days, I'd love to stay another day. On the other hand, I can fly (gliding) tomorow. :)
Have a safe trip back. I'll be out there for a few days next week and have plans to get checked out to rent 172s from an FBO at Santa Monica Airport. I need to spend some time studying the LAX TAC, though, it appears.

Give me a call, I think I can make it tomorrow to go gliding.
Greg Hewgill <>