Date: 2003-09-29 09:58:00
Tags: sundry
weekends are not for relaxing
So on Friday evening I was hanging out with [info]goulo and we talked about the value of letter-writing (on paper with an envelope and stamp) to relatives who aren't online and aren't caught up with the incredibly fast pace of modern communication. For example, my grandmother. I could phone her or email my parents and have them pass on the message, but she loves to send and receive letters and I just recently received one from her. Russ and I agreed that both of us would try to write a letter this weekend - he to his dad and me to my grandmother.

However, I totally forgot about the letter until Sunday at midnight when I read this. Russ wins, I'm the bigger slacker.

Anyway, I thought back and realized I was hardly home all weekend. This is what happens when the weather is great and I can go flying! Saturday morning started with blue sky then an overcast layer then it settled down into lovely cumulus clouds with base at about 6200 feet. I only got one flight in because the instructor had to leave early.

Saturday night I went to [info]dopplertx 's housewarming party which was lots of fun, but made for a late night.

Sunday was great flying weather again, but it was a "blue day" (clear skies) and there were no telltale clouds to help find where the thermals are. You have to look for other signs like birds, light or dark areas on the ground, and especially other gliders (there were four of us circling in one thermal at one point). Three good flights that day, which made up for not being able to fly for the prior three weeks. I'm still ready for solo anytime soon! :)

Sunday evening on the way home from the field, I stopped at BB's for dinner and drinks with [info]decibel45 , [info]ivo_janssen , and [info]bovineone . Then I went over to [info]decibel45 's place to meet and play with his new kittens, and [info]equiraptor came over to play with the kittens too. If there were a way to harness kitten power, the world's energy problems would be solved.

Then I got home late again, and realized I hadn't written that letter. I was dead tired, so it wasn't going to happen. Perhaps this evening.
Ĉu vi jam skribis leteron al via avino? Aŭ ĉu vi ankoraŭ pigras? Mi scivolas ĉu mi devas ankoraŭ moki vin. :)
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