Prime Numbers

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I've been running the GIMPS prime number search program since mid-1997. I haven't found any of the huge, rare Mersenne prime numbers -- if I had you'd be reading about that instead. But on some of my machines I've been running Yves Gallot's Proth.exe program which searches for primes of specific forms, including form k * 2n + 1 and b2n + 1.

This page lists a history of prime numbers I have found. You can also see my database entry from Chris Caldwell's database.

Date Prime Digits Rank* Type Comments
2001-04-26 55360232768+1 188194 12 Generalized Fermat Celeron 466 running Proth.exe 6.4 under Wine in Linux; Largest prime discovered so far with Linux
2001-01-30 70493016384+1 95817 38 Generalized Fermat PIII-667 running Proth.exe 6.1 under Windows 2000
2000-09-02 21*2191337+1 57600 97 Proth Celeron 433 running Proth.exe 5.4 under Windows 2000
1999-09-23 79*2121822+1 36674 192 Proth PII-300 running Proth.exe 5.4 under Wine in Linux

* Rank at time of discovery according to Chris Caldwell's Prime Database. This rank will not match the current rank, as larger primes are continually being discovered.