Wiktionary to dict gateway

This server runs a DICT protocol server that makes the data from Wiktionary available to DICT protocol clients.

Server name: dict.hewgill.com
Port number: 2628 (standard port number)

Dictionaries Available

At this time, only the English version of Wiktionary is available. The dictionary is formatted in several different ways:

Name Description Example
en-raw This is the raw wikitext page from Wiktionary with no formatting applied. Example
en-full This is the full text of the entry, with formatting applied. Example
en This is the default view, which includes sections such as Pronunciation but excludes Translations. Example
en-brief This is an abbreviated view that only shows numbered definition lines. Example

Client Configuration

Most Unix-like systems have a dict command available as an optional component. Refer to your system documentation to find out more about how to install this command.

Create a dict configuration file in your home directory called ~/.dictrc:

server dict.hewgill.com

This sets up the default server for the dict command.

Unfortunately, there is no way to set a default database using the .dictrc file. If you would like to use a database other than the default en database you must specify it on the command line. You can use a shell alias to make this easier, eg. for Bourne-style shells:

alias dict="dict -d en-brief"

You can also use the -h command line option to set the server to dict.hewgill.com instead of using .dictrc.

Wikitext Formatting

The conversion of wikitext into plain text is a work in progress. At the current time, wikitext templates are not processed and appear in their raw wikitext form.

Greg Hewgill <greg@hewgill.com>