Chinese-English Dictionary

This is a Chinese-English dictionary in Mobipocket (.mobi) format suitable for browsing on the Kindle. The dictionary is based on the CC-CEDICT dictionary.


The source files for the dictionary are HTML and are available for browsing online.


How to Use the Dictionary

Step 1: The Radical

The first step in looking up a character is to identify the radical. The radicals are listed on the "Radical Index" page.

Example: As an example, we will look up the character 佃. First, find the radical. In this case the radical is 人 (seen as 亻in the character).

Radical Index


Step 2: Stroke Count

The second step is to count the number of strokes not including those of the radical. The characters that match each stroke count are listed on the radical page. If there are more characters than are shown on the radical page, select the number at the beginning of the line to show all characters with that stroke count.

Example: There are 5 strokes in the character in addition to the radical. In this case, the character is shown on the radical page.

Radical 人

4 仿 ...
5 ...
6 ...

Step 3: Character Definition

The character definition is shown with some additional information:


佃 (U+4F43 radical 人)

  1. (diàn) farmer
3 entries starting with 佃

Step 4: Additional Entries

If there are additional entries starting with the chosen character, they will be shown with definitions. There will also be a (w) which is a link to the English Wiktionary for the entry.



(diàn) farmer

佃户 (w)

(diànhù) tenant farmer

佃农 (w)

(diànnóng) tenant farmer; sharecropper


I have been unable to make the Kindle use this dictionary as its default dictionary for looking up words in other books. Although I have been able to create English-English dictionaries, doing the same thing for Chinese-English has proven frustrating. As far as I can tell, the Kindle is unaware that Chinese text can be looked up in a dictionary at all, so it doesn't even try.


This dictionary is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.

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