頀 (U+9800 radical 音)

  1. (hù) music

頁 (U+9801 radical 頁)

頄 (U+9804 radical 頁)

  1. (qiú) cheekbone

頍 (U+980D radical 頁)

  1. (kuǐ) raise one's head

頖 (U+9816 radical 頁)

  1. (pàn) disperse

頞 (U+981E radical 頁)

  1. (è) junction of nose and forehead

頠 (U+9820 radical 頁)

  1. (wěi) easeful carriage of one's head

頫 (U+982B radical 頁)

  1. (fǔ) look down; stoop

頬 (U+982C radical 頁)

  1. (jiá) variant of 頰|颊[jia2]

頯 (U+982F radical 頁)

  1. (kuí) cheekbone; protrude

頲 (U+9832 radical 頁)

  1. (tǐng) narrow forehead

頼 (U+983C radical 頁)

  1. (lài) Japanese variant of 賴|赖

顇 (U+9847 radical 頁)

  1. (cuì) variant of 悴, haggard; worn out
2 entries starting with 顇

顋 (U+984B radical 頁)

  1. (sāi) variant of 腮[sai1]

顑 (U+9851 radical 頁)

  1. (kǎn) yellow

顕 (U+9855 radical 頁)

  1. (xiǎn) Japanese variant of 顯|显

顗 (U+9857 radical 頁)

  1. (yǐ) pleasing; respectful manner

顚 (U+985A radical 頁)

  1. (diān) variant of 顛|颠[dian1]

顜 (U+985C radical 頁)

  1. (jiǎng) honest; upright

顣 (U+9863 radical 頁)

  1. (qī) frown

页 (U+9875 radical 页)

  1. (yè) page; leaf
10 entries starting with 页

顶 (U+9876 radical 页)

  1. (dǐng) apex; crown of the head; top; roof; to carry on the head; to push to the top; to go against; most; to replace; to substitute; classifier for headwear, hats, veils etc; to "bump" a forum thread to raise its profile (internet slang)
52 entries starting with 顶

顷 (U+9877 radical 页)

  1. (qīng) variant of 傾|倾[qing1]
  2. (qǐng) unit of area equal to 100 畝|亩[mu3] or 6.67 hectares; a short while; a little while ago; circa. (for approximate dates)
7 entries starting with 顷

顸 (U+9878 radical 页)

  1. (hān) dawdling

项 (U+9879 radical 页)

  1. (xiàng) surname Xiang
  2. (xiàng) back of neck; item; thing; term (in a mathematical formula); sum (of money); classifier for principles, items, clauses, tasks, research projects etc
15 entries starting with 项

顺 (U+987A radical 页)

  1. (shùn) to obey; to follow; to arrange; to make reasonable; along; favorable
76 entries starting with 顺

须 (U+987B radical 页)

  1. (xū) must; to have to; to wait
  2. (xū) beard; mustache; feeler (of an insect etc); tassel
15 entries starting with 须

顼 (U+987C radical 页)

  1. (xù) grieved; anxious

顽 (U+987D radical 页)

  1. (wán) mischievous; obstinate; to play; stupid; stubborn; naughty
13 entries starting with 顽

顾 (U+987E radical 页)

  1. (gù) surname Gu
  2. (gù) to look after; to take into consideration; to attend to
20 entries starting with 顾

顿 (U+987F radical 页)

  1. (dùn) to stop; to pause; to arrange; to lay out; to kowtow; to stamp (one's foot); at once; classifier for meals, beatings, scoldings etc: time, bout, spell, meal
11 entries starting with 顿

颀 (U+9880 radical 页)

  1. (qí) tall

颁 (U+9881 radical 页)

  1. (bān) to promulgate; to send out; to issue; to grant or confer
10 entries starting with 颁

颂 (U+9882 radical 页)

  1. (sòng) ode; eulogy; to praise in writing; to wish (in letters)
6 entries starting with 颂

颃 (U+9883 radical 页)

  1. (háng) fly down

预 (U+9884 radical 页)

  1. (yù) to advance; in advance; beforehand; to prepare
63 entries starting with 预

颅 (U+9885 radical 页)

  1. (lú) forehead; skull
4 entries starting with 颅

领 (U+9886 radical 页)

  1. (lǐng) neck; collar; to lead; to receive; classifier for clothes, mats, screens etc
56 entries starting with 领

颇 (U+9887 radical 页)

  1. (pō) surname Po
  2. (pō) rather; quite; considerably (Taiwan pr. [po3]); oblique; inclined; slanting
4 entries starting with 颇

颈 (U+9888 radical 页)

  1. (jǐng) neck
7 entries starting with 颈

颉 (U+9889 radical 页)

  1. (xié) surname Xie
  2. (jié) to confiscate; legendary dog-like animal (old)
  3. (xié) (of a bird) to fly upwards; (of the neck) stiff
3 entries starting with 颉

颊 (U+988A radical 页)

  1. (jiá) cheeks
2 entries starting with 颊

颌 (U+988C radical 页)

  1. (hé) maxilla and mandible

颍 (U+988D radical 页)

  1. (yǐng) river in Henan and Anhui
  2. (yǐng) grain husk; tip of sth short and slender
10 entries starting with 颍

颎 (U+988E radical 页)

  1. (jiǒng) blaze; bright

颏 (U+988F radical 页)

  1. (kē) chin
  2. (ké) (used in bird names) throat
2 entries starting with 颏

颐 (U+9890 radical 页)

  1. (yí) cheek; lower cheek; chin; jaw; to nourish
8 entries starting with 颐

频 (U+9891 radical 页)

  1. (pín) frequency; frequently; repetitious
17 entries starting with 频

颓 (U+9893 radical 页)

  1. (tuí) to crumble; to collapse; to decline; to decay; decadent; dejected; dispirited; balding
20 entries starting with 颓

颔 (U+9894 radical 页)

  1. (hàn) chin; to nod (one's assent)
7 entries starting with 颔

颕 (U+9895 radical 页)

  1. (yǐng) old variant of 穎|颖[ying3]; outstanding; remarkable; something sharp; dentiform; head of grain

颖 (U+9896 radical 页)

  1. (yǐng) surname Ying
  2. (yǐng) clever; gifted; husk; tip
4 entries starting with 颖

颗 (U+9897 radical 页)

  1. (kē) classifier for small spheres, pearls, corn grains, teeth, hearts, satellites etc
2 entries starting with 颗

题 (U+9898 radical 页)

  1. (tí) surname Ti
  2. (tí) topic; problem for discussion; exam question; subject; to inscribe; to mention; CL:個|个[ge4],道[dao4]
15 entries starting with 题

颙 (U+9899 radical 页)

  1. (yóng) grand; majestic; just; stern

颚 (U+989A radical 页)

  1. (è) jaw; palate
4 entries starting with 颚

颛 (U+989B radical 页)

  1. (zhuān) surname Zhuan
  2. (zhuān) good; simple
3 entries starting with 颛

颜 (U+989C radical 页)

  1. (yán) surname Yan
  2. (yán) color; face; countenance
  3. (yán) Japanese variant of 顏|颜[yan2]
11 entries starting with 颜

额 (U+989D radical 页)

  1. (é) forehead; horizontal tablet or inscribed board; specified number or amount
25 entries starting with 额

颞 (U+989E radical 页)

  1. (niè) bones of the temple (on the human head); see 顳顬|颞颥, temple
3 entries starting with 颞

颟 (U+989F radical 页)

  1. (mān) dawdling

颠 (U+98A0 radical 页)

  1. (diān) top (of the head); apex; to fall forwards; inverted; to jolt
24 entries starting with 颠

颡 (U+98A1 radical 页)

  1. (sǎng) forehead; (省称) abbr. for kowtow 稽顙|稽颡[ji1 sang3]

颢 (U+98A2 radical 页)

  1. (hào) bright; white

颤 (U+98A4 radical 页)

  1. (chàn) to tremble; to shiver; to shake; to vibrate; Taiwan pr. [zhan4]
9 entries starting with 颤

颥 (U+98A5 radical 页)

  1. (rú) see 顳顬|颞颥, temple (the sides of human head)

颦 (U+98A6 radical 页)

  1. (pín) to scowl; to knit the brows
2 entries starting with 颦

颧 (U+98A7 radical 页)

  1. (quán) cheek bones
3 entries starting with 颧

風 (U+98A8 radical 風)

颸 (U+98B8 radical 風)

  1. (sī) cool breeze of autumn

颽 (U+98BD radical 風)

  1. (kǎi) balmy; genial as wind

颾 (U+98BE radical 風)

  1. (sāo) blowing of the wind

颿 (U+98BF radical 風)

  1. (fán) sail

飀 (U+98C0 radical 風)

  1. (liú) soughing of wind

飂 (U+98C2 radical 風)

  1. (liáo) wind in high places

飌 (U+98CC radical 風)

  1. (fēng) wind

风 (U+98CE radical 风)

  1. (fēng) wind; news; style; custom; manner; CL:陣|阵[zhen4],絲|丝[si1]
128 entries starting with 风

飏 (U+98CF radical 风)

  1. (yáng) to soar; to fly; to float; variant of 揚|扬, to scatter; to spread

飐 (U+98D0 radical 风)

  1. (zhǎn) to sway in the wind
2 entries starting with 飐

飑 (U+98D1 radical 风)

  1. (biāo) whirlwind

飒 (U+98D2 radical 风)

  1. (sà) sound of wind; valiant; melancholy
4 entries starting with 飒

飓 (U+98D3 radical 风)

  1. (jù) hurricane
2 entries starting with 飓

飕 (U+98D5 radical 风)

  1. (sōu) to blow (as of wind); sound of wind; sough
2 entries starting with 飕

飖 (U+98D6 radical 风)

  1. (yáo) floating in the air

飘 (U+98D8 radical 风)

  1. (piāo) to float
30 entries starting with 飘

飙 (U+98D9 radical 风)

  1. (biāo) whirlwind; violent wind
7 entries starting with 飙

飚 (U+98DA radical 风)

  1. (biāo) variant of 飆|飙[biao1]

飛 (U+98DB radical 飛)

飜 (U+98DC radical 飛)

  1. (fān) variant of 翻; to turn over; to flip over; to overturn; to translate; to decode

飞 (U+98DE radical 飞)

  1. (fēi) to fly
86 entries starting with 飞

食 (U+98DF radical 食)

  1. (shí) to eat; food; animal feed; eclipse
  2. (sì) to feed
56 entries starting with 食

飠 (U+98E0 radical 食)

飡 (U+98E1 radical 食)

  1. (cān) variant of 餐; to eat; food; meal

飣 (U+98E3 radical 食)

  1. (dìng) display food for show only; sacrifice

飥 (U+98E5 radical 食)

  1. (tuō) (cake)

飧 (U+98E7 radical 食)

  1. (sūn) supper

飨 (U+98E8 radical 食)

  1. (xiǎng) offer or enjoy sacrifice
4 entries starting with 飨

飮 (U+98EE radical 食)

  1. (yǐn) variant of 飲|饮[yin3]; to drink

飶 (U+98F6 radical 食)

  1. (bì) fragrance of food