Date: 2004-08-12 16:44:00
Tags: esperanto
I think I managed to sign myself up for a bunch of work. While in Spain I was telling Amy about [info]goulo 's recent whirlwind trip to Canada, Beijing, and New York. I mentioned that he sometimes posts just in English, sometimes just in Esperanto, and sometimes both. I told her that if he posted just in Esperanto, that I would translate for her, since she wants to read his trip report too.

Yesterday, I had lunch with Russ and told him this, and he wondered whether I would be willing to translate his reports to English if he were to just post them in Esperanto. Despite the fact that he mentioned he had 30+ pages of written notes and that was only a small part of what he wanted to post, I agreed to translate for him. He was happy to be spared the effort of having to write everything twice!

So today I translated his first post. It only took me just over an hour, in between doing other things, so it's not too bad. But he did warn me that the bulk of what he wants to write is about Beijing, which is still being written...
Greg Hewgill <>