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2004-12-31 australia wrap-up travel, australia
2004-12-19 whitsunday islands, fraser island travel, australia
2004-12-13 australia! travel, australia
2004-11-30 what is this world coming to? rant
2004-11-21 mansfield dam floodgates weather
2004-11-18 flood weather
2004-11-16 positive feedback ego, weather
2004-11-05 gmail thinks I'm a spammer email, spam
2004-10-29 pumpkin drop! flying
2004-10-28 lunar eclipse eclipse, astrophotography
2004-10-25 private pilot checkride flying
2004-10-21 adventures in unix unix
2004-10-09 what a difference 6 mm can make slack
2004-10-05 electronic background noise purge
2004-09-19 it's not a question of if, but of when toys
2004-09-17 ten things that could be journal entries, but aren't animals, spam, sundry
2004-09-15 feliĉan naskiĝtagon al mi esperanto, ego
2004-09-06 I live too far away to be a slacker slack
2004-09-03 a week with freenet computers
2004-08-29 no flying for me flying
2004-08-27 amy's round the world trip maps maps, amy
2004-08-14 noise pollution rant
2004-08-14 car troubles and the olympics cars
2004-08-12 translation esperanto
2004-08-09 final spain report photos, travel, spain
2004-08-02 leaving san sebastián travel, spain
2004-07-30 san sebastián travel, spain
2004-07-27 leaving sort travel, spain
2004-07-26 sort travel, spain
2004-07-23 spain travel, spain
2004-07-13 phishing scams spam
2004-06-29 valve job redux cars
2004-06-28 lake austin and the weather sundry, weather
2004-06-21 nsx finished! cars
2004-06-19 oops amy
2004-06-19 temporarily stuck cars
2004-06-18 project nsx cars
2004-06-09 wrenching cars
2004-06-07 respect rant, usa
2004-06-05 oh no, not again! computers
2004-06-04 oh well japanese
2004-06-02 poor man's srs email, unix
2004-05-27 change is unexpected random
2004-05-25 rules of the road rant, driving
2004-05-18 camera troubles electronics
2004-05-15 amy round the world amy, livejournal
2004-05-12 photos, books, and customer service japanese, travel
2004-05-10 first flying of the year flying
2004-04-09 damn hardware part 2 computers, backup
2004-04-07 damn hardware computers, backup
2004-03-30 japanese japanese
2004-03-26 new lj toy livejournal, toys
2004-03-24 meta blogging issues livejournal
2004-03-24 beating back the demons spam
2004-03-23 image linking web
2004-03-13 advocacy usa, advocacy
2004-03-11 tired random
2004-03-07 fun in colorado travel, flying, usa
2004-02-27 photo gallery copyright photos, web
2004-02-20 enchanted rock photos, travel
2004-02-15 jumping out of fully functional aircraft flying
2004-02-15 my car is no snowmobile driving, weather
2004-02-14 snow! photos, weather
2004-02-11 internaciaj domajnaj nomoj esperanto, web
2004-02-08 weekend redux flying, geocaching, sundry
2004-02-03 mydoom gets around spam
2004-02-03 mydoom update spam
2004-02-01 orkut random
2004-01-28 VIRUS (W32/Mydoom@MM) IN MAIL FROM YOU spam
2004-01-27 another new email worm spam
2004-01-21 instructions for life random
2004-01-15 rain weather
2004-01-01 2003 in review annual
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