Date: 2004-09-06 17:13:00
Tags: slack
I live too far away to be a slacker
Today I made plans to see Hero with [info]goulo at Alamo Drafthouse Village. Great, I thought, I would be able to see a movie I wanted to see and get some food while I was at it.

However, I waited just a little bit to long to get ready to go, and made it there right at 4:20 just as the movie started. It was sold out.

I found Russ' car and left a note. He was there with at least one other person, so at least he didn't have to see the movie by himself.

So now it's over an hour after I left, I'm back home, frustrated because a little bit of rain makes Austin drivers stupid, hungry because I didn't get to eat like I had planned, disappointed because I didn't get to see the movie today, and annoyed at myself for not planning ahead better.

(anonymous) : You missed nothing.
Hero sucked. It's a 3 hour apologia for socialism and genocide in China.

[info]willyumtx : Hero....
I thought about going to see it with Russ et al, but have already seen the movie twice.

I plan to go find them after the movie and see if anyone wants to go get food and/or drinks.

Woo hoo!
Mi trovis vian noton! Bedaŭrinde ja ke vi maltrafis la interesan belan filmon! Ankaŭ [info]jipp alvenis tro malfrue por aĉeti bileton. Sed kvar aliaj amikoj spektis ĝin kun mi kaj ĉiuj ĝuis la filmon.

Mi ne pensas ke la politiko de la filmo tiom simplas, kiom la unua komento diras... kaj ĉiukaze, la filmo enhavas pli multajn aferojn ol nur politikon, do ridindas diri ke la filmo estas nenio krom pravigo de socialismo kaj genocido. (Kaj ankaŭ la filmo nur daŭras du horojn, ne tri! :)
doncha love days like that?
You could have bought Alamo tickets online and ensured that you had your seat.
I always think you look like a newscaster in that shot.
Haha, glad I'm not the only one!
I think dbaker was the first to mention that as an interpretation of my image. :)
That would have made me even later!
[info]mduell : Ditto Rys comment
Hero sucked, be happy you saved your $8.
How funny, I made the exact same plans. But, I *am* a slacker and apparently it served me well this time. Didnt even know it was sold out.
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