Date: 2004-10-29 22:31:00
Tags: flying
pumpkin drop!
Tomorrow is the annual Pumpkin Drop at the glider field! A pilot and a bombadier go up in a two-seat glider. The bombadier sits in the back with a pumpkin, and tosses it out the window at the right moment to hit the target on the runway. (Yes, this is legal.) Then the pilot circles back around for a spot landing contest.

I managed to miss this event last year. Apparently it's a ton of fun. I picked up a couple of pumpkins at the store today. Who's in? I'll fly, you drop.
Can I drop myself with the pumpkin? }:8>
I'm not sure you would feel comfortable jumping from 800 feet. :)
Only if I had a base rig. I'd rather jump from 3k and drop the pumpkin before deploying.
We can do that someday you're not dropping a pumpkin too. I don't think dropping a pumpkin from half a mile in the air counts as reasonable precautions. :)
Actually, what would be cool as hell would be to make a harness that would keep the pumpkin safely attached to me during deployment. It would be the same as dropping it from the glider. :)
Now that would be cool. Kind of like a vegetable tandem.
I went last year and dropped two pumpkins, it was great fun.
Greg Hewgill <>