Date: 2004-11-21 20:00:00
Tags: weather
mansfield dam floodgates

More photos...

On saturday I went up to Mansfield Dam to see the open floodgates and take some pictures. The amount of water coming through there is pretty amazing. Apparently the flow rate is currently 40,000 cubic feet per second, or 17 million gallons per minute.

It was pretty amazing to see a distinct current, complete with whitecaps, on Town Lake on Friday afternoon.
[info]mduell : Even more...
[info]ghewgill : Re: Even more...
Thanks Spock, those are mostly ballpark figures anyway.
[info]ivo : Re: Even more...
18 million gallons per minute, that's the equivalent of

flushing 187,500 toilets per second.

[info]cetan : Re: Even more...
"Hmmmm. Flushing Meadows...."
[info]paradox0220 : Re: Even more...
Not my toilet... stupid low water using toilets grr... I want a freaking 20 gallon a flush toilet so it -never- clogs up again!
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