Date: 2005-02-25 08:24:00
Tags: web
time to move on
I've been thinking about setting up a dedicated web server for a while. A couple of days ago I was again browsing hosting solutions, and I tried to view to my analog statistics to see how much data my site transfers per month. Coincicentally, at that moment my web server was down. Two hours later, my DSL connection at home went down and I had to call SBC to make them fix it. It was down for an hour. Those two things together pushed me over the edge.

I've been using [info]moonwick 's service for a couple of years, but recently he's decided to exit the hosting business. It's been great, I've had nothing but good service, but it's really too much for a one-man operation. I don't blame him.

So I set up a dedicated server at and am in the process of moving over my web sites. So far it's working well. With the package I've got, the hardware is their problem but 100% of the software is my problem. It's nice because I have a whole box to myself, but it's also completely my fault if I screw it up. We'll see how that goes.

Once I get my main web site moved over, there are at least four or five other sites that I need to move. For example, minilink is currently running on my desktop machine at home. I have to set up PostgreSQL on the hosted server before I can move that. I think I know what I'm going to be working on this weekend!
I wish I had the skills that pay the bills when it comes to running my own box. It would seem like the ideal solution given my current needs and very much my wants.

Sadly there is not yet FreeBSD in easy to swallow pill form for my brain :(

Good luck with your new server.
If there is any outages, I'll demand my money back. You can count on it!
hmm, would you mind/could it work if i redirected*.* to it'd make your URL's two letters shorter (i don't care who uses it) =)

i was considering creating a similar tool (though yours rocks more than mine would have =))...

though it's uncertain whether the french nic is going to allow me to continue to possess this domain, i am curently in year 3 of "wait and see" and so far so good =)

Hey, that'd rock!

The minilink web server is now set up to respond to If you contact the web server with as your host name, it will respond with a link. I can think of at least three ways to set this up:

  • HTTP redirect. This probably won't preserve the name in the Host: HTTP header, but it's worth a try because it's easy. That is, new links created by minilink wouldn't automatically use but you could substitute it later.

  • CNAME from to This would certainly preserve the Host: header but would probably break email because I'm pretty sure you can't have both a CNAME and an MX for the same name.

  • Enter my IP address in the A record for This wouldn't break email but would need fixing when I move the host (which I'm likely to do soon).

Any other ideas?

sadly i'm no webguru, so i don't actually have any brilliant ideas. as well, the issue is complicated by the fact that does not reverse resolve--you can hit it via ip, but when it hits you, it is actually named and there's little hope of changing that (free colo @ work, but they do not delegate any of their IP's outside.)

also i use as a hostname to connect to (very handy on cellphones and other tiny devices not to have to type anything long) so i cannot cname or mx it away--it's gonna have to be the first one if any of those 3.

i was thinking something like an http redirect since that would still serve normal content (none of my top level content has "." in the filename except index.html which people would be stupid to bookmark directly anyway, especially considering its current and probable future content...

so does this have a hope of working? is it possible to instead reply to with links, and i'll just redirect them your way?
of course i mean "CNAME or A it away". and yeah, it is handling mail so i can't CNAME it for that reason as well.
Greg Hewgill <>