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2005-12-30 livejournal backup copy online web, livejournal
2005-12-27 the war on spam spam
2005-12-24 answer to geopoliconomic question geopoliconomic, nz, puzzle
2005-12-21 geopoliconomic question geopoliconomic, puzzle
2005-12-20 dns loc with ajax web
2005-12-09 postfix+clamscan is eating my mail email, unix
2005-11-28 fault line flyers video online flying
2005-11-25 livejournal backup copy backup, livejournal
2005-11-24 photos from the usa southwest trip photos, travel, usa
2005-11-23 fun with google maps travel
2005-11-18 lnk.nu web
2005-11-10 interesting email surprise email, spam
2005-11-10 canada travel, usa
2005-10-31 domain hijacking web
2005-10-30 california travel, usa
2005-10-17 san diego and los angeles travel, usa
2005-10-14 arizona travel, usa
2005-10-09 welcome to arizona. sorry, the state is full. travel, usa
2005-10-07 utah travel, usa
2005-10-04 colorado travel, usa
2005-09-13 oklahoma and kansas travel, usa
2005-09-08 on the road again travel, usa
2005-08-31 road trip 2005 travel, usa
2005-08-28 insight cruise control part 2 cars
2005-08-25 insight cruise control system cars
2005-08-25 adventures in antispam spam
2005-08-17 mlp mlp
2005-08-08 purging and found treasures purge
2005-07-27 snake in the grass animals
2005-07-23 peru 2005 travel, peru
2005-07-21 new zealand nz
2005-06-21 random musings purge, livejournal
2005-06-14 poor kitty animals
2005-06-10 juxtaposition livejournal
2005-06-02 mac mini surgery computers, apple
2005-05-11 open source at work software, ego
2005-05-04 per-process bandwidth accounting web, computers
2005-05-02 public service announcement rant, driving
2005-05-01 following directions computers, apple
2005-04-27 taking out the trash computers, windows
2005-04-26 amusing things you can do with a telescope telescope
2005-04-26 new twist in the fight against spam spam
2005-04-22 the runaround, by apple driving, computers, apple
2005-04-20 the accursed www web
2005-04-08 loss of eyesight you fear telescope
2005-04-08 partial solar eclipse eclipse, astrophotography, telescope
2005-04-07 random screenshot computers, windows
2005-04-06 earth observatory mlp
2005-03-25 wow weather
2005-03-23 broken paradigm rant, web
2005-03-10 american currency rant, money
2005-03-09 be careful what you wish for, you just might get it web
2005-03-05 cutting the crap purge, livejournal
2005-03-05 livejournal is taking over my life purge, livejournal
2005-03-03 green laser pointer fun toys
2005-03-02 maps rant
2005-02-25 time to move on web
2005-02-16 site identity and phishing rant, web
2005-01-30 my name in chinese chinese
2005-01-29 meandering musings slack
2005-01-24 search engine spider gone awry web
2005-01-12 wikiness wikipedia
2005-01-01 2004 in review annual
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