Date: 2005-04-07 12:13:00
Tags: computers, windows
random screenshot
Here's my current task bar on my machine at work (click for the full-width version).

Yes, I keep a lot of stuff open. Here's my current tabs open in Firefox:

This is normal for me. I understand it's not normal for most people.
It makes me think of a contest or game, to see who can identify the largest number of the programs. At least I'd be in the elite few who know Ek. :)
heh...and here I thought *I* was the only person who couldn't just focus on one task at a time! ;o) DO have me beat by a few windows.
There were times when I was at UD where I would have about that density of window icons.... but my task bar was 2 icons high.

/me pets virtual desktops on his mac
you need a mac and exposé
I think he needs a 30" monitor...
One of my initial setup tasks when I install Windows is to make my taskbar at least 2 levels deep. I like running at very high resolutions, so I don't mind the little bit of extra screen space being used.

And I had to install a special tab extension for Firefox because the standard tabs didn't have some features I wanted. ;-)
Why did you link to html pages containing the image instead of linking directly to the image?
If you link directly to the image, the default behaviour for both IE and Firefox is to shrink the image to fit your browser window. Since most people won't have browser windows wider than 1280 pixels, I used the html page to force the browser to display the full width image.
Looks an awful lot like mine.

Only I stretch mine so that it's three levels high.
pretty normal for me. but the taskbar isn't as cluttered since once many tasks are also done on the x2vnced bsd desktop.
am I the only one who shoves the task bar on the left and tells programs to shut up and get out of his notification area?

I am also compeltely anal about closing windows though. Currently I've got just 6 open.
(anonymous) : Wow!
It's nice to see that this happens to someone else!

I usually have my taskbar stuffed with items so small that only the icons are visible. A very few times a scrollbar has even become "necessary".

As for browsing, I usually have to open a few Firefox windows just so the tabs remain at least partway readable.
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