Date: 2005-04-08 20:11:00
Tags: eclipse, astrophotography, telescope
partial solar eclipse

Today there was a partial solar eclipse visible from Austin. It started at 16:17 and ended at 17:59 local time, so I brought my telescope to work and set it up in the parking lot so everybody could see.

It was partly cloudy and I estimate that for about 50% of the duration of the eclipse, the sun was obscured by clouds. However, I managed to get some clear pictures, even though my aging Canon S110 digital isn't the best platform for this sort of thing.

Click the photo to see some more.

Gorgeous photos !

What filters are you using for photos and for the telescope?
I see... Thousand Oaks 2+ solar filter for telescope...

Sorry about failing a reading comprehension test ;-)
I just updated the photo page with info on the equipment I was using. Let me know if you would like any more info!
Thanks ! I thought I missed it :-)

And the photos --- is the camera attached to the telescope eyepiece to make them ?
No, I just set the camera on "infinite" focus mode (so it doesn't try to do anything automatically), turn off the flash, and put it right up against the eyepiece. The camera can get a good enough view of the image that way.

Someday, I'll get a real digital SLR camera and use it in prime focus mode, where the telescope acts like just another (really big!) lens attachment for the camera.
Brilliant pics!
I especially love those with the clouds, though....
I know its not what you're supposed to have, but hell, it looks wonderful :)
Thanks! I included those clouded ones because they were interesting, and it showed just how much the clouds obscured the view of the sun.
Greg Hewgill <>