Date: 2005-04-08 22:17:00
Tags: telescope
loss of eyesight you fear

So I was curious about the warning label on my telescope:

With the picture, the message it's trying to convey is fairly obvious. But I was curious how the Japanese would translate. So with the help of the Windows Character Map application, and Jeffrey's Japanese<->English Dictionary, I came up with the following:


Google translates this as:

Loss of eyesight you fear and look at the sun

Does this look accurate to those of you who know more Japanese than me?

Hi, just browsing around LJ and found your question. Good job on the transcription, but the translation is a little off:

Due to risk of blindness
Don't look at the sun

The trickier parts:

恐れ = (noun) fear
~の恐れあり = a risk/danger of ~

見る = to look, see
見るな = (command) Don't look
Thanks! Makes more sense now.
Thanks guys. That was good for a laugh. I knew you could go to google for translation, but have never done it. That is a good idea. I have friends who have gotten tattoos in Chinese and Japanese just on the good word of the parlor that it is correct in meaning.
The site is great for that sort of thing. Almost every day there are new tattoos with crazy meanings!
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