Date: 2005-05-01 01:37:00
Tags: computers, apple
following directions
So I faxed off my Apple uptodate form for Tiger earlier this week, so I could install it on my new Mac Mini. I didn't get any package in the mail, but I did get a letter from Apple. Apparently, I didn't read the instructions that said I needed to include a copy of my receipt along with my uptodate form. Whoops.
(anonymous) : Not a big deal though...
I did exactly the same thing with didn't end up being a big deal though. When I faxed the second order in, I wrote a note that explained the situation and to please disregard the first order with no receipt.

I suppose that without the receipt that Apple just disregards the order. Too bad I can't actually prove that now.

Where did you get the "frowning" Mac OS logo? I like it!
[info]ghewgill : Re: Not a big deal though...
Yeah, I re-faxed my order and they replied with an email saying my tiger is on its way.

I swiped the MacOS logo from somewhere using google image search, then turned the smile upside down using Gimp. :)
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