Date: 2005-07-21 17:15:00
Tags: nz
new zealand
Amy and I have decided to leave the great state of Texas, and indeed the country, and relocate permanently to New Zealand. Why New Zealand? Amy spent three months there earlier this year and absolutely loved it. The scenery, the climate, the people, she fell in love with it all. We have been talking about something like this for quite a while, but recent events have made this even easier to do.

I am in the process of applying for permanent New Zealand residency through their Skilled Migrant immigration program. I am going to sell the house, and my cars, and as much stuff inside the house as possible, and we're going to start over in a new country. I had too much stuff tying me down here, and Amy has really helped me lighten my load. Once we can get out from under the house, we can go anywhere we want.

The time frame is still up in the air. I'm not sure how long all the New Zealand immigration paperwork will take, but as near as we can tell it will be a matter of months. I'll post more news as things progress.

I'm excited!

(Yes, I'm still working on my trip report from Peru! It's coming soon. Pictures are online here.)
We'll have to come visit you in Thailand, or vice versa. :)
I knew this was coming when you said you were repainting the NSX. :(
What color is my new NSX going to be?
midnight blue with 20-inch spinners, my boy rolls in a pimp ride, yo
Same color ("Sebring Silver"), it just needs some paint repair.
aha! Hubby and I have also pondered a move to NZ over the years... it just hasn't ever become a reality... but if there's someone we know there....
NZ will be the new Austin!

Everybody MOVE!
I'm with ya man!
A vacation would be a great way to start!
Yes, it will be a matter of months. Get used to metered bandwidth, and at very severe prices. Also, there's only about 2 fibre lines to the rest of the world. Beware backhoes.
Sounds great! heh. :( I can see myself maintaining my colo in the US of A.
If you are going to be coming to the Wellington region let me know. (I am in Upper Hutt.) If you need a boardgaming group, then I can definately help.

If you need someone local to NZ to help with anything (finding places to work etc) I should also be able to help out.
Thanks! Wellington is definitely high on our list of destinations. Looking forward to meeting you in person.
If my trip to Australia falls through, I now have an excellent back up plan!

Yay. North, South or undecided?

Remember what I said about the garage sale!
Wellington (north) is high on the list. Otherwise, probably the south island. Probably not Auckland, if we can manage it.
wow...wonderful! I would love to do something like this!

Wow. Well, I wish you both the best of luck!

I think I need to figure out how I can swing a long overdue trip to Austin before you leave...
Yes! Or, if you don't make Austin, come to New Zealand for a visit. :)
Why not go a little further west and move to a real country? :)
Oz is a nice place to visit, I already know that! :)
What furniture are you selling? :) :)
Wow, this is fantastic! We're really happy for you, and we'll possibly see you there next fall, where we're planning to do a two-week adventure vacation there. =)

Let us know if there is anything we can do to help.
Cool, that would be fun! Is that fall 2006 then? We should be all settled by then, but this fall might be pushing it!
Nekredeble! Kia granda vivsxangxo. Sed mi ja povas kompreni tian deziron translogxigxi al alia lando... (ekz al Finlando, ha!) Bonsxancon, kaj mi certe sentos la mankon de vi... mi felicxas ke vi almenaux ne tuj malaperos, do ni havos iom pli da tempo antaux ol vi foriros. Tagmangxo cxe Pars!
Ekzistas granda Esperantaro en Nov-Zelando! La landa kongreso tie havis pli da 60 homoj! :)

Aŭstino kaj miaj aŭstinaj amikoj ankaŭ mankos al mi, sed la oportunaĵoj bonos. Nepre Pars.
Well hey, get in touch with [info]ehintz . He's an ex Austinite living in New Z. now as well.

He's a really cool guy.
Sweet as. C'mon down mate, you're gonna love it. :)

Any idea where you're targeting yet? Or still too early for that?

Also, furniture and such is wildly expensive down here, so if you've got some nice pieces you may want to consider bringing 'em. In fact, a couple of us are looking into sending a mess of stuff from Oakland, so if you could get it there it could likely get in our container. No firm deadline yet but I'd expect we'll get our act sorted sometime in the next month or so.
Wellington is high on the list. We're definitely interested in the container idea as we have a house full of stuff right now that we could send. We'll get in touch and hopefully get some details worked out!
I'm aiming to move out of the U.S. at some point as well, and I did a few weeks of researching NZ. Wellington seemed to interest me the most. It just seems so...isolated (and, no, being able to go to Australia occasionally probably wouldn't help! :-P )

My best wishes go out to you and Amy. What an incredible adventure! Enjoy the antipodes!
My parents and brother live in New Zealand (long enough that they are now citizens).

I love visiting. It's a wonderful place. And they love being Kiwis.

If you find yourself near Palmerston North, you should say hi.

Will keep that in mind, thanks!
It's a damned good thing you won't be leaving before I get to Austin, because I don't think my car would make it to New Zealand. ;oP
Well clearly you should seal up the underside, add a propeller (or a mast), and take the ocean route!
Ooooh! I'd better call the guy who's working on my car Monday to let him know we need to add a few modifications! ;o)
(anonymous) : Moving to New Zealand?
Dude, What!? New Zealand!? You better make sure you can get your pilot license transferred as well...give us folks here at FLF a place to go where we know a local. Keep the couch clear.

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