Date: 2005-07-27 10:33:00
Tags: animals
snake in the grass
So we've got lawn guys over at the house today to clean up the yard and flower beds and stuff. While we were standing outside talking to the manager, one of the guys who was working on the flower bed held up what initially looked like a dead branch and said "look". I saw that it was a baby snake about eight inches long, which doesn't surprise me because I've seen lots of them around. But then he pointed out that this was a copperhead! Eek. Apparently copperheads are occasionally found in residential areas, but they are rare. They figure that the snake wandered up from the greenbelt behind the house.

I like snakes and leave them alone when I see them, but a poisonous snake like a copperhead just doesn't need to be hanging around the house. Sadly, we had to execute him.

There are no snakes, at all, in New Zealand.
I'm am a full on fan of living places where there are no poisonous animals to kill me in my sleep.

In Oregon we have 2 such animals the "Northern Pacific Rattlesnake" and the "Brown Recluse Spider". Fortunately, both stay east of the Cascades and we rarely get them in the Willamette valley.
So send the baby copperhead to New Zealand, and solve two problems at once.
Greg Hewgill <>