Date: 2005-08-08 07:46:00
Tags: purge
purging and found treasures
I'm doing a major purge for the first time in a really long time. The most recent purge was when I moved from Canada to California 13 years ago - I packed everything that would fit in my car (a Honda Prelude at the time) and left everything else at my parents' place. Come to think of it, that almost doesn't even count as being a purge.

When I moved from California to Texas, my employer paid for the movers so I just moved everything. Recently I've found boxes of magazines that I hadn't read and never will (they've been recycled now).

This time, with a move to the other side of the world in the works, I am finally discarding much of the stuff that has been slowly filling up my house. I've got the packrat gene from my grandfather (it skipped a generation in my mom) and I tend to keep useless stuff in a box just because I might need something like it someday. Of course, that never happens. I'm making pretty good use of the test, "If you haven't used it in the past year, get rid of it."

This is going fairly well. There is a small list of things that I really love that I want to take with me. Everything else, I can let go. (We are going to make a list of everything that's for sale and post it here, within the next few weeks.)

Finally, while emptying a box in my closet, I discovered my original diploma from the University of Victoria (may 1992), that I had lost and had convinced myself that it had been accidentally discarded. I thought I had torn the place up looking for that, but it was buried deep in a box. Yay!
When I graduated, I let my mom keep all the diploma and gown and all that stuff - it was much more important to her than for me, and I knew that I wouldn't need it unless I one day had an office where its display might be appropriate.

Really, for me, the only important thing was the transcript indicating completion. :)
Yeah, it's true that the more practically meaningful record is the official transcript. I have one and can always get another one, so it wouldn't be the end of the world if I lost the diploma. However, I used the diploma as a qualification for my stay in the US.
You really had everything you owned with you in that car? It wasn't very full.

I always forget we graduated the same year. ;) I know my diploma is in the
bottom of a box... and I think I can narrow it down to one of three boxes. That's pretty good considering how much crap I own.
Yup, everything was in there, I didn't ship anything else. I don't think I'll ever be that lightweight again!

I would never have actually used my diploma if I didn't have to prove education qualifications for work in another country.
So after you found the diploma, did you throw it away?
That would have been counterproductive! I put it in its frame where it belongs. Now I know where I can find it.
I did the same thing when I moved from NH to ID. Everything that would fit in my Corolla SR-5. Of course, being only 18, I had extra room! I left everything behind that reminded me of the "old" life.

So, everything that's going to be for sale - does that include all the stuff you just bought?!
I am also leaving behind things that remind me of times past. That includes this house!

We will indeed be selling some of the stuff we just bought. It's not practical to move, say, a set of drinking glasses overseas. We're going to try to find a way to keep the kitchen table though.
I discovered my original diploma from the University of Victoria (may 1992), that I had lost and had convinced myself that it had been accidentally discarded.

Hang on to that sucker like it's gold. Just ask Apple how bad your life can be fucked if you ever loose that sucker, AND the technical school you went to, goes out of business.
Hmm, I can see how that might be awkward. The university I went to is an established institution and isn't likely to go anywhere (it's not a business and doesn't have to make money), but the ability to obtain duplicate records certainly does depend on their continued existence.
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