Date: 2005-08-17 08:23:00
Tags: mlp
Cool bird picture - from [info]infinitevoid

Flood of new LJ post data - the following are fun things people have done with this:

Most common words in lj posts - "im" is the 59th most common word, and the most common misspelling! gah!

Most common URLs posted on LJ recently - the meta-MLP part of this post

(MLP = Meaningless Link Propagation)
since there are no capital letters in kate's page, i suspect that im might not be completely a misspelling tho im [sic] sure that contributes; "IM" is after all the accepted abbreviation for instant message...

nifty stuff though, thanks for bringing it to our attention =)
of course i've already been a stalker, too--i enjoy reading the "latest posts" link from the front page when i'm really bored and have run out of fark/slashdot/etc for the moment. this is just a more convenient way to deal with all the data rather than just a random subset.
Greg Hewgill <>