Date: 2005-08-25 19:01:00
Tags: cars
insight cruise control system

Since Amy and I are going to be driving on about a 5000 mile road trip in the near future (more about the details later), I ordered an aftermarket cruise control system for the Insight. It arrived today and I opened up the package and was confronted with a small avalanche of little parts neatly compartmentalized in plastic baggies. Yay, car hacking!

I'm going to try to install this thing tomorrow. Anybody who wants to drop by and help and/or stuporvise ( [info]nugget and [info]ivo :) is welcome. I'll start around midday and will probably end up working on it well into the evening. I may even have a couple more tools to sell on gbay after this is done, too. :)

Since cruise control helps improve fuel efficiency, I'm surprised that a hybrid wouldn't include it standard.
Pout, you're working on it on a Friday. As you might recall from long time ago, jobs typically run from Monday to Friday, so I won't be able to make it :(
I thought this is the sort of thing "sick days" are for!
or "working from home"! :)
Greg Hewgill <>