Date: 2005-08-31 13:23:00
Tags: travel, usa
road trip 2005

I've been promising to post about our upcoming road trip and subsequent plans for a while. Now that it is about a week until we leave Austin, I figure I should send out an update to let everybody know what's going on.

The plan is to leave Austin by september 7 at the latest. By that time we will have sold everything we can, through either gbay or a garage sale, packed up and stored the stuff we eventually want to ship to New Zealand, and packed the Insight with a small amount of stuff for the road trip. The house will sell sometime (soon, we hope).

Our itinerary is roughly:

We expect this to take just over two months and be about 5000 miles distance. We'll be camping and/or couchsurfing and/or staying in hotels. If you're on or anywhere roughly close to that route, let us know (some of the destinations above are already on the list to meet specific people). We'd love to stop by and say hi.

As mentioned, we're taking the Insight which should get a good solid 60 miles per gallon on the freeway. If the gas prices go up in Katrina's wake, the interstate freeways might be pretty empty. But, that's not a bad thing for us. Last week our predicted fuel budget was only about $300 so it won't matter too much even if it doubles.

Once we reach Canada, we're going to hang out at my parents' place in Victoria until my New Zealand paperwork is complete. Our current estimate for that is around december. When that is all approved, we will head to New Zealand to enjoy the rest of the summer there!

When we reach New Zealand, we will travel around the country for a couple of months and figure out where we want to live. Currently, Wellington and Christchurch are high on the list but we don't really know for sure yet.

I'm really excited about this trip and I'm glad I get to enjoy it with Amy. I'll miss everybody in Austin, but there are some things I won't miss very much (the heat, the traffic, the sprawl). The internet makes the world smaller, so nobody is ever more than an email away.

Yay for Portland!

If you'll be passing through Portland before October 20th, we'll have to go to a pub and toss back some of the best beer in the world, Oregon Beer. :)
I'm afraid we won't be that far north by then. The current plan puts us around San Diego on october 20. Maybe we can meet up in Bali or something sometime. :)
Sounds like a plan. :)
When do you plan to arrive in the Vancouver area? I'll very likely be out there on Nov. 1st.
We'll be in Vancouver around mid-november, so I think we'll miss there.
I pulled a similar run in '96. On your way north to Yosemite, I'd highly recommend dropping into Kings Canyon, it's right next to Sequoia NP, but the touristen seem to hang out at Sequoia. Which is fine by me 'cause King's Canyon is brilliant.... Sort of a mini-Yosemite, without all the crowding and stuff.
60mpg in an Insight? Fuck that... shoot for 70 or 75! :)

Well, OK. I guess it depends on how much crap you're hauling with you, but you might spend a bit surfing the forum threads at to learn some of the techniques of those who call themselves "hypermilers".

As you know, I've pushed my Civic Hybrid, which is rated at 47hwy/51city to 56mpg city. Believe it or not, I get better mileage on the highway though. My double-round-trip to your house tonight (er last night) averaged 63mpg over 80 miles, including that excruciating several miles of 2mph one-lane shit.
# Yosemite National Park, CA
# San Francisco, CA

You'll have to pass near or through San Jose. You're welcome to crash on my couch(es). Drop me an email at ibanix at gmail dot com if interested.

Cool, thanks! We're certainly passing through or by there and would be happy to stop by. We'll get in touch.
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