Date: 2005-10-09 10:27:00
Tags: travel, usa
welcome to arizona. sorry, the state is full.

We intended to stay in Flagstaff last night, but every hotel room within a 100 mile radius is full for some reason! Since Phoenix was our eventual destination this week, we continued and finally at midnight found a place with a couple of rooms left.

I've also updated our trip maps. In particular, the USA map shows the most detail, but it's getting kind of crowded. I need to do at least two things: (1) add state boundaries, and (2) do something about the text. I'm also recording pretty much every step we take via the GPS - I have 3.5 megabytes of GPS track logs already and more to come. When we're done I'll plot those on a nice detailed map of the USA so it will be easy to see where we've been.

The "Sorry, No Vacancy" looks photoshoped.

What's your ETA for the San Jose area?
Yeah, it certainly was photoshopped. :)

We'll be in the Bay area probably sometime during the week of the 24th. I think. We'll definitely drop you a line when we get closer.
could be everyone trying to hit the grand canyon for columbus day weekend.
Ah, forgot about that! We usually can't even remember what day of the week it is, never mind federal holidays that few people actually observe.
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