Date: 2005-10-17 21:20:00
Tags: travel, usa
san diego and los angeles
We visited the San Diego Zoo on saturday and spent nearly all day there, and yet only saw about two thirds of the zoo. It's huge! There was low cloud the whole day so it was kind of chilly. After spending a couple of weeks in the desert, this was quite a change in weather.

On sunday we went to the San Diego Wild Animal Park, which is really huge and would also take days to see. The weather was playing tricks on us again, starting off cold, then getting sunny and warm, then cold again with rain and thunderstorms. But we did the whole monorail tour and saw most of the animal exhibits.

Since it was raining, we decided to head north out of San Diego to the Los Angeles area. We're staying in Laguna Beach, which if you know LA, is way way on the south end of the sprawling metropolis. So what did we do today? We drove all the way to Hollywood (60 miles) to have lunch and visit the Chinese Theater. Then we had to head back south to Huntington Beach for a chiropractic appointment. Finally, we had some excellent sushi in Newport Beach, watched the full moon rise, and came back to Laguna Beach.

Tomorrow we're going to head back north through LA, stop in the Hollywood area again, then further north to Bakersfield.
Did you get to see the pandas, or were they part of the zoo you weren't able to fit in?
Oh, we definitely saw the pandas! One of them (the two year old male) was sitting out front munching on bamboo. The father was napping near the back. The new baby wasn't on exhibit, so all we could see was the panda-cam (which you can apparently also see on
The PandaCam Widget keeps me in touch. ;) Go Mac!
Gotta love LA traffic, eh? :)

Go up to Malibu if you get the chance, it's really nice. Is your route taking you up Hwy 1? That's definately the way to go! Gorgeous coastline.

I'm going to blow off work be sick find some excuse the day you get here; so give me a ring when you're a day or two out.

I've got two couches and a loft bed in the garage as crash space.
We're taking a detour to Bakersfield because I used to live there and know people there (no other good reason :). So we'll miss the Malibu area, but will be going up highway 1 for most of the rest of the way north of there. At least until the Portland area.

I don't think I have your number so email that to me so we can give you a shout!
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