Date: 2005-11-28 22:08:00
Tags: flying
fault line flyers video online
A couple of weeks ago, Fox 7 News went out to Fault Line Flyers (the soaring club where I used to fly in Texas) and filmed a bunch of footage for a special news segment. Thanks to [info]dopplertx , we've got a video of the segment online and it looks great! You can download it (using BitTorrent) using the link:

I had trouble playing it initially but it plays fine with VLC ( If you don't have BitTorrent, you'll need to download a client from

Sorry I didn't rip this quickly enough. My HDTiVo doesn't spit out video over the composite outputs, I suspect because I have it configured for a widescreen television. And I was afraid to twiddle with that setting while it was busy recording things. Then I got busy today and you know...

Thanks for trying; that's why we have redundancy. :)
Greg Hewgill <>