Date: 2003-11-23 22:18:00
Tags: flying, random, driving
garlic, cars, steak, and the weather
Friday was [info]stickcow 's birthday party, which started at 9pm. Before that, [info]ivo , [info]goulo , Yvette, and I went for dinner at the Brick Oven. I ordered the Pasta Rustica, which is grilled chicken, bowtie pasta, and artichokes in a sun-dried tomato sauce. It was pretty good, but I like the dish better with spicy Italian sausage instead of chicken. Anyway, I was eating something white, which wasn't chicken and wasn't an artichoke, and I realized that it was an entire clove of garlic. Now, I like garlic and all, but there were probably 15-20 cloves of the stuff in this one pasta dish! After eating the first one I'd already decided that I was going to smell like garlic for a while so I finished them all off. It's now about 48 hours later and I don't think I'm exuding garlic anymore, but I can't be sure.

On Saturday I went to a group meet of NSX owners in Austin. There were 14 NSXes there! It was a great turnout, lovely weather, and lots of fun driving around the twisty roads on the edge of Lake Travis.

Saturday evening [info]decibel45 grilled some delicious steaks and [info]snaxxx fixed up a bunch of yummy vegetables to complete a great meal. Thanks guys!

Today I was planning to go flying gliders, the initial weather report indicated that it would get sunny but colder and windy in the afternoon. I picked out some warm clothes suitable for sitting outside for a few hours, and headed out. I kept checking back to see whether flying was on or not, and finally around noon when I was already on my way it was cancelled. Oh well. I haven't flown since my first solo flight three weeks ago, all due to the weather. If I could have, I would have!

Speaking of weather, it's forecast to freeze tonight. I've been waiting months for some decent cold weather. All I can say is I'm glad I don't live in someplace like Florida. A few years ago I was in Florida the week before Thanksgiving, and it was 80+ degrees with 80% humidity. Ugh, that was awful!
Ha, vi estas ajlomalfortulo! (Kaj kompreneble, vi ankaŭ estas klubopigrulo!)
Hey! We're in the weather community together (the one started by [info] . I love your pics so I thought I'd check out your LJ.

I live in Florida and yes Thanksgiving is always unseasonably warm. Just this past Thursday it was really warm. We were all out in t-shirts and shorts. The day was beautiful, but not very seasonable. This is only my third Thanksgiving/Advent/Christmas season in Florida, after having lived 2 years in Pennsylvania and most of my life in Alabama, where, on both accounts, it's at least chilly by this time of year.

Luckily we got a rain storm on Friday and it brought the most beautiful cold weather with it. Yay! It now feels like Christmas!
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