Date: 2008-07-12 17:14:00
sunrise and sunset part 2
A few months ago I made a graph of sunrise and sunset times for Christchurch. I had some Javascript code lying around to compute sun rise and set times for any location on Earth, so I combined it into one page where you can interactively choose any city or location and view the sunrise and sunset graph.

The result is the new Sunrise and Sunset page. I've tried this in Firefox and Safari and it works, but feedback welcome if it doesn't work for you. Internet Explorer doesn't display the graphs properly for some reason that I haven't fully discerned. Other known issues are noted at the bottom of the page. Cross-browser development continues to be really annoying.

I've tried to list some cities that have something interesting about them, in particular with regard to daylight saving time. For example, Tapachula, Mexico appears to be the southernmost city in the northern hemisphere that observes daylight saving time. With the little variation in sun rise and set times, DST seems like it would be a pointless annoyance there. On the other hand, Reykjavik has such a wide variation in sun rise and set times (the sun rises at 3am in the summer and 11am in the winter!), that DST would be a minor blip and not very useful, so they don't bother. Helsinki has almost as wide a variation but still observes DST.
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Nice. Works in Opera.
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